Business Liability

Your business runs like a fine-tuned machine most of the time. Sometimes there are challenges that must be overcome in order to keep your business running. One way to overcome challenges is by having a properly set up insurance and risk management program for your business. The first key to any program should be liability insurance.

Commercial liability insurance is designed to cover any injuries caused by you, your company, or your products/services to a third party. For example, if one of your products were to injure a third party, liability insurance would provide coverage in case you were sued for damages. The injury does not need to be physical, it can also be financial. For example, if you are a software firm and the software you provide to a client is hacked due to poor security, and individuals suffer financial loss, you could be sued. Again, that is where liability insurance can provide protection. In most places in the world some form and amount of liability insurance is required. However, it is important to work with an insurance professional who will work with you to understand your unique business needs and custom design a program to protect you and your business.

We work with our clients to fully understand their business and their potential risk exposure; only then will we make recommendations. Contact us at J. L. Green Insurance today to find out more.

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We specialize in insurance programs for accountants

Animal-Related Businesses

We specialize in insurance programs for many animal related business


We specialize in insurance programs for attorneys and lawyers


Our bond team specializes in contract and commercial surety bonds for a wide variety of industries

Business Auto

To successfully protect your business, it is important to have properly set up commercial auto insurance

Car Dealers

We have the experience and the expertise working with car dealers providing both insurance and risk management services

Religious Organizations

When it comes to insurance coverage, religious organizations face unique challenges and requirements unlike those of any other organization

Community Banks

We specialize in programs for community banks - providing the protection and the soundness needed to provide you peace of mind


We specialize in helping contractors with their insurance and risk management.

Educational Institutions

We have the expertise, the experience, and the products tailored specifically to meet the needs of educational institutions

Excess Liability

Excess Liability is also known as “Umbrella Liability” because it covers your business like an umbrella


When it comes to habitational insurance – experience counts, and we have that experience


We specialize in the hospitality sector, so we understand the unique needs and challenges


Our team of professionals will meet with you to analyze your needs and customize a plan to fit your business insurance needs. Our fully integrated insurance portfolio provides protection for all your assets using various insurance products and risk management techniques.

Large Property

We specialize in helping those owning large properties with cost-effective insurance and risk management solutions


Our manufacturing insurance can cover your contents and stock, which includes machinery and plant and loss of profits, plus products' liability


Our professionals are well-informed experts who understand the nonprofit arena and proactively look out for your interests

Nursing Homes

Your business takes care of those in need – and our business is to help you with your insurance and risk protection needs

Professional/Medical Offices

Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, CPA, dentist, or other professional, you have very specific insurance needs

Real Estate Professionals

We specialize in helping real estate professionals with errors and omissions insurance coverage


Our experienced staff understands the challenges of running a restaurant and the coverages needed to protect your business

Retail Stores

One of the most important things you can do to protect your assets and secure your reputation is to have the right insurance

Social Services

We understand the insurance and risk management needs unique to social services organizations

Trucking Insurance Specialists

We specialize in complete insurance coverage and packaged solutions for your company's needs, including fleet, tractor/trailer, drive-away contractors, dump, bobtail, flat-bed and more


If you are in the wholesaling and distribution business, there are specific needs related to the type of insurance coverages you need

Workers' Compensation

We specialize in helping our clients to understand the complexities of workers compensation insurance

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